Washing and Preparation Of Fabrics Before Sewing

Bamboo Fleece and Hemp Fleece Preparation


All natural fibre fabrics will shrink upon first wash and although it is minimal on our fabrics they still need to be washed before sewing.

Put fabric through 3 HOT normal wash cycle’s. They don’t need to be dried between cycles. After third wash put in tumble dryer on the hot setting.

These fabrics have a lot of lint come off in the first wash so be sure to clean out the dryers lint filter.

If you don’t have a tumble dryer it can be line dried however dryer is preferable


Suede Cloth and Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ)


Suedecloth and AWJ are synthetic fabrics and therefore it isn’t necessary to wash before sewing as it won’t shrink. Some people however like to wash it to remove any manufacturing residue.

Warm iron can be used on wrong side of fabric.