Ro'Shell Designs OSFM Modern Cloth Nappy Inserts

Ro'Shell Designs OSFM Modern Cloth Nappy Inserts - Askels 2 Layers Bamboo Fleece


SKU: 177-OSFMinsertset2layer

These nappy inserts are a fold over anchor shape with a booster.

The snake is made of high density bamboo, the booster is 2 layers of  bamboo fleece and 1 layer of super thirsty fast-absorbing zorb, which is specifically designed for cloth nappies. Both inserts have high quality suedecloth topper to keep baby skin dry.

The 2 layer snake equates to 1000 GSM

The 3 layer snake equates to 1500 GSM

If your baby is an extremely heavy wetter we recommend boosting with a hemp booster.  

Inserts are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. They can be used straight away, no preparation required. 

These inserts can be used four ways:

1. The anchor snaps into the back of the nappy and is folded in half. The booster can be placed under the anchor, for those who dislike front snapping nappies. 

2. The anchor can be snapped into the back of the nappy, the booster snapped into the front of the nappy over the top of the achor. This configuration is best for heavy wetters or power pee-ers as it allows the zorb in the booster to quickly absorb the pee while transfering it to the anchor bamboo layers underneath.

3. For kids that arent heavery wetters, the anchor can be used on its own, folded in half. Note, the fold of the anchor should sit just under the tummy elastic to get a nice fit. 

4. For newborns and on smallest setting, the anchor or booster can be used on their own. 

This insert combination is designed to hold approx. 350mls of liquid, which equates to an 'average' wetting baby for 3 hours. If your baby is a heavy wetter we recommend boosting with a hemp booster.    

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