Pegz - Grade 304 Stainless Steel Pegs

Pegz - Grade 304 Stainless Steel Pegs - Askels 2mm


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These tough 304 grade stainless steel pegs in 2 different sizes! This grade is resistant to rust and should last many decades if looked after, perhaps bring them under cover after use rather than leaving on the line. Both options are bags of 30 pegs.  Strong 2mm wire diameter and 60mm length. Considered the "standard" peg size. Strong and hardy, a perfect all rounder peg. Heavy duty 2.3mm wire diameter. These pegs are 64mm long making them extra strong, perfect for particularly windy-prone areas. You will need a strong pinch to use these! Check out our 316 grade pegs if you live near the beach or like to leave your pegs on the line 24/7. Pack of 30 pegs come in a compostable jute bag. The bags Pegz come in are made with 100% natural fibres including the drawstring cord, and the logo is printed in water based ink so the whole bag is biodegradable and compostable. Benefits of Jute Jute itself is made from the fibres of a vegetable plant (Corchorus) which grows easily and abundantly in tropical lowland regions, predominantly India and Bangladesh. Here are just a few reasons why jute is awesome and have chosen it for Pegz packaging: It is fast growing, ready for harvest in 4-6 months There is little need for pesticides, fertiliser or watering It releases up to 11 tonnes of oxygen and absorbs up to 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare (per growing cycle) Requires much less land than cotton to produce the same amount of fibre Jute is starting to replace wood in some pulp and paper manufacturing which has the power to greatly reduce worldwide deforestation We hope to see Jute being used much more mainstream in the near future!

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