Bamboo Fleece - 500 GSM.

Bamboo Fabric Fleece - 500 GSM, Great Quality.

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bamboo fabric fleece - 500 GSM

Fabric comes in 75cm tubular form so when cut will be 150cm wide. This is 500 GSM organic bamboo fabric fleece. 70% bamboo, 30% cotton. Super absorbent for making inserts and boosters for nappies or sanitary pads. Even though more absorbant than other bamboo fleece it drys in a similar time frame. This is not pre-shrunk or pre-washed so will need to be washed before use. Shrinking will be minimal.   When purchasing more than 1 metre of fabric it will come in a continuous piece. When purchasing more than 10 metres it will be cut in  5 metre lengths  


Fabric Preparation Washing Instructions

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