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These are budget name bag tags because they are sewn together like a sandwich with a zig zag edge. Our other Pul tags are turned and top stitched giving them a nicer finish but are more time consuming to make and therefore cost a little more.

Tags take 1-3 weeks to be made and sent.
If they are needed more urgently please contact us to make arrangements These tags are great for identifying your bag without having to write your name on it. They can be used for a nappy bag when your child is attending day care or creche. They are also great for school bags or luggage when traveling. When your luggage is on the bag carousel at the airport your bag can be easily identified. These Name Bag Tags can also be used for items such as umbrellas, prams, keys etc

Washing instructions

They are approximately 3.5 cm wide and 2Ocm long and made with PUL.  In note box type the name you would like on the tags, can be first name only, first name and surname initial, both first name and surname, nickname. Other options to help day care with wetbags  could be clean, dirty, nappies clothes etc More colours will become available soon when new fabric stock arrives If you would like to order a variation of these tags please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs however my store has other labels available for order.

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