The Strucket Mini

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The Strucket Mini your new countertop companion. The Strucket Mini features the same world-first interlocking strainer and plug system, but is sized to suit your benchtop. Soak, strain, drain and store — and never touch the mess that’s left behind.

The uses are endless:

  • Marinating meat
  • Rinsing pasta, fruit or vege's
  • Peeling vege's
  • Defrosting seafood
  • Rinsing/soaking reusable menstrual products or cloth makeup wipes
  • Cleaning and sanitising baby products
  • Composting

The best part is it's small enough to put in the fridge or pantry. It also has a lid to keep contaminates out. The Strucket mini will easily fit in your dishwasher for cleaning.

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