Askels Nappy Back Packs - Water Resistant

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These gorgeous nappy back packs are made of water resistant silky nylon. These are the Mary Poppins bag of backpacks. What does this mean? They hold a lot more than they seem.

Featuring a front pocket with insulted bottle holders big enough for wide bottles such as Tommee Tippee and a small pocket for keys, wallet etc. Elasticated pockets on both ends. There's also a zip open section at the bottom so you don't have to unpack the bag to reach items on the bottom of the bag.

The best part is they don't look like a nappy bag so you can use it for years to come, as a beach bag, overnight bag, day care bag etc.

Big enough to hold 18 fully boosted cloth nappies so if you don't have boosted nappies you could fit more

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